It is no secret that every little used clothing trader's success is based on quality raw material - high-quality goods to be marketed. R.D.A., recognizing the importance of this factor, has opened its wholesale base, which offers competitively priced high quality used clothing set, the so-called "original" of England's best neighborhoods.

We carefully sort and export the best second hand clothes (women, men, children), household textiles and footwear worldwide.

We offer :

* Door to door goods from UK;

* pressed goods in big bales (or packed in bags) for Pakistani, African, Indian...etc. markets;

* Uncut cotton wiping rags;

* We create individual offers for every customer;


Our sales team is always open for contact and ready to kindly offer any information to your prospective customers.




16.decembrī visos R.D.A. veikalos visam melnas un baltas krāsas apģērbam -50% atlaide!

*Akcija neattiecas uz veikalu Līvānos.


No 15.decembra līdz 18.decembrim FINĀLA IZPĀRDOŠANA R.D.A. veikalā Smiltenē (Baznīcas laukumā 16)!
*Apģērbi nav dārgāki par 1 EUR!
*Bērnu apģērbi nav dārgāki par 0,50 EUR!
*Pārējai precei -70% atlaide!

19.decembrī veikals slēgts.


2. un 3.decembrī visos R.D.A. veikalos visam dzeltenas un brūnas krāsas apģērbam -50% atlaide!

*Akcija neattiecas uz veikalu Līvānos.

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