Home textiles

It is possible to buy different sizes of sheets, covers, converters, pillow cases, pillows, blankets, towels, pieces of fabric for further processing, curtains, nightclubs and racks for the whole family.

Shoes for the whole family

We offer quality shoes from different manufacturers for the whole family, for both daily and festive occasions.

Clothing for the whole family

 Now matter of age, gender, size of clothes and the thickness of a wallet, you will find something suitable for an affordable price for every living situation. We also offer used and new underwear, socks, costume jewelry, bags, belts, scarves, hats, swimwear.

Children's toys
Our offer includes various children's goods - soft toys, educational toys, dolls, books ...

Interior items

We offer various interior items for home improvement.


Cleaning materials

We offer cleaning materials.



16.decembrī visos R.D.A. veikalos visam melnas un baltas krāsas apģērbam -50% atlaide!

*Akcija neattiecas uz veikalu Līvānos.


No 15.decembra līdz 18.decembrim FINĀLA IZPĀRDOŠANA R.D.A. veikalā Smiltenē (Baznīcas laukumā 16)!
*Apģērbi nav dārgāki par 1 EUR!
*Bērnu apģērbi nav dārgāki par 0,50 EUR!
*Pārējai precei -70% atlaide!

19.decembrī veikals slēgts.


2. un 3.decembrī visos R.D.A. veikalos visam dzeltenas un brūnas krāsas apģērbam -50% atlaide!

*Akcija neattiecas uz veikalu Līvānos.

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